In March 2013, during my spring break, a friend and I decided to spend some time in Jerome, Arizona. It is an old mining town with lots of history. We heard a lot of stories about this one hotel there, the Jerome Grand Hotel, and we wanted to see if we could experience anything.  The history of the hotel dates back to the 1920s when it was a hospital for the miners and residents of Jerome.  After being abandoned for several years, a family bought the property and turned it into a hotel.  This place has a history of suicides, a possible murder, and people dying of natural causes.

Going into this place, I did not think we would experience anything. But I usually like to go into it with an opened mind. Immediately when we got into our room, 32B, we started experiencing activity.  I was sitting on the bed relaxing and I got the sense that someone was in the room with us. I got a chill and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I then caught the smell of ladies perfume as if someone walked right past me. When I asked my friend if he smelled that, our telephone rang.  He answers the phone but no one was on the other end.  He hung it up and immediately the phone rang again. He picks it back up and again no one was on the other line. After that incident, we did a ghost walk with the owner of the hotel. We learned during this walk that a woman committed suicide by jumping out our room window.

Later on that night, we wanted to take pictures and do our own investigation. We went up to the 4th floor, and while we were taking pictures we heard a taping noise coming from one of the rooms.  We went down to investigate the sound, and it grew louder. When I turned and asked my friend if he is hearing that, it sounded like someone slammed their body against the door.  The whole door shook and vibrated. We knew it could not have been someone from that room, because it was 3am and a mother and son were staying there.  The noise could not be explained.

While looking through the pictures that I took, I got some surprises. In some pictures there were a lot of orbs and unexplained light streaks.  In a couple of others, I got a full body apparition of a little girl and a woman standing beside me. This is undoubtedly the most haunted place that I have been to.  


I took this photo in my garage of my dog Bonnie, and when I looked at the picture, it looked like a giant hand petting her. I was really shocked. We have had lots of things happen here in my house, but not recently. Both my boyfriend and I have seen a lady and a man in our house standing by the edge of our bed. Creepy to say the least. I often have dreams and feel awake, but pinned to the bed and almost like my body is buzzing. It is scary to say the least. I was really curious about this picture. What do you think? 


In 2010 I stayed in the Driskill Hotel on a business trip close to Halloween. I heard the hotel was haunted after I made my reservations. I thought I’d make the best of it and snapped some photos around the building. I didn’t see anything in the photos so I retired to my room for the evening. I snapped a few photos of the hotel room to show my family and when I checked them, I found this perfectly round solid orb. I thought it might be a reflection of the light so I took several photos immediately afterward and it wasn’t there.


I was a little creeped out so I didn’t sleep much that night. I finally fell into a light sleep but around 3:00 a.m., I heard something fall in the bathroom. It sounded like a hairbrush on the hard floor. I wasn’t about to investigate so I stayed in bed with the lights on all night. In the morning I went to see what had fallen. There was nothing on that floor. No hairbrush, no soap, nothing. I’m not sure what to make of that experience. What do you think?


Not all ghost stories are scary. Some can actually bring a little peace to those who are grieving and strengthen faith. I took this picture one day while trying to photograph a pair of butterflies. When I uploaded the pictures to my computer I saw the image of a woman with dark hair, who appeared to be holding an infant. (larger circled image) She had rainbow like rays all around her, almost like a religious icon does. I am a medium and I find spirits are very attracted to those who can “hear” them.

Sometimes even making the connection through social media. Through Facebook I heard a classmate of mine from childhood, Rosa, a mother of 6, was battling cancer. I said prayers for her often while she went through her treatments. We hadn’t seen one another or spoken for over 25 years, and knew very little of each other’s lives. One evening, soon after I had prayed for Rosa, her sister messaged me saying, ”the strangest thing just happened. My sister just said your name.” As a medium, I know that prayers are heard, but here was proof! Her sister was very much a skeptic, but since Rosa was having such difficulty communicating her last days, and could barely speak, I offered to do a reading for her. She had so many specific messages for her family, things I could never have known, which has turned them into believers.

One message I had difficulty interpreting was ”I will be IN rainbows.” I wasn’t sure what it meant at the time of the reading, until after I shot this picture. She is literally inside the rainbow which encircles her, like a rainbow angel. The face even looks like Rosa and you can see her holding a baby. This was captured 2 days before she passed away. I have heard of spirits leaving their body right before they pass on. I feel it was Rosa’s spirit coming to say “thank you”. I treasure this picture and feel honored she would pay me this visit and entrust me with her messages. She also mentioned in the reading, to be ready with a camera to take a picture of “a miracle in nature.” I assumed it was for her family, and told them, but after this picture I knew the message was for me!

I also shot a 6 min video very soon after. My son who is 3, and was talking about a rainbow, and you can see him not only playing with an orb of light, but talking directly to it. A light I could not see with my naked eye, but he could! I feel like this is some of the most compelling evidence that there are in fact spirits. I also took a video singing Happy Birthday to Rosa, and an orb comes directly to me as I say her name. Rosa gave me the most loving message to relay to her family: “I am the sparkle in your eye, and the rainbow that connects us all.” It proves to me Rosa will always be there for those she loved. She continues to give me messages for her family. Some bonds are never broken.


Here is one of two photos I took after my husband had just got back from a walk through the woods at Sachs Bridge in Gettysburg, PA. He went for a walk through the woods and while he was back there he started getting bad feelings of being watched and the feeling of dread and that he needed to get out of there right away. So he hurried back and told me about his experience.

I thought I had better take some photos of the area and this is what I captured. There seems to be a small shadow of a person like a mist form, as well as an individual peering out from behind the tree near the mist figure. The story for Sachs bridge is this is a spot where a battlefield hospital was set up and many men were left to die along the bridge during the battle.


Here is a photo taken from Little Round Top in Gettysburg, PA. This is the first photo that we took on our first trip to Gettysburg and this is what we caught. Check out the shadow figure and the image of a Union soldier behind it , it semi blends in with the evergreen (short chubby soldier), dark blue jacket, gray pants. This photo is real, not photo shopped in any way. I still have the original on SD card. The photo was taken in 8-20-2011. After that we take two trips a year to Gettysburg, and catch images every time we go.

This photo was taken at the bottom of Little Round Top looking towards LRT from the road. I zoomed it in to show you what we found. If you look at the right, inside the yellow circle, there is a golden color image. It is the image of what we believe to be the head of a German shepherd and if you notice there is a soldier to the left of the dog (your left the dogs right), he is in a sitting position with his hat over his forehead and face. There are two soldiers lying down behind the sitting soldier towards the left of the circle. This is the first of two photos… All photos are real not photoshopped.


I had known for awhile now that my house is haunted. I have spoken to 2 different psychics over the course of the last few years. I know that there are 2 spirits here, one is my grandmother who passed on here, in my bedroom and the other…a dark shadow figure. I have been told that my grandmother is protecting the family against this shadow figure. Doors will shut on their own, knickknacks sometimes fly off of where they sit and usually…it’s an angel statue or figurine.

One day my mothers picture flew off the wall with no one in the kitchen but we all saw it. In July of 2011, I sat alone in the bedroom and had one of the new touch readers on my bookshelf in the bedroom. Well, I started hearing this clicking noise. I looked everywhere and then out of the corner of my eye I saw the reader was being touched by something or someone but not me. I took out my phone and began recording. For 3 minutes and some odd seconds it was being touched. It would be like they were hitting the home button and the list button over and over again. I have this backed up on a flashdrive. Things seemed to have settled as of late until the last month.

Recently, my boyfriend and I had done some work on the house, not renovations, but a spring clean. Anyway, I was taking pictures of the house to post to friends I have on Facebook. I get to the laundry room and when I snap the pic, it looks blurry so just to be sure I took one more of the laundry room. I have a galaxy nexus phone, takes decent pictures I think. The day went on and I didn’t look at the photos until I was ready to post them. Well, to my surprise I see a spirit. It was a white mist . I couldn’t believe what I found when I posted the pictures. So, I was thinking that’s my grandma.


Now about 2 weeks later, last night actually, my daughter called me into her room (which I forgot to mention is a very uncomfortable room.) Our dog Chinky was lying on the bed with my daughter looking at the doorway and whining, she said she saw the black shadow in the reflection of Chinky’s eyes. At this point, I know both spirits are now active again. As you may guess there is more to the story and the things that have happened to my ex husband and I, and our children, I could go on and on. I’m not entering to get on this show… I just want my story out there. For people to realize, we are not always alone. There are things that roam this earth that shouldn’t.