Tina S.’s Story - NOT Home Alone

I walked into the living room and was met by boxes. More boxes than I remembered bringing in the night before. This was the part about moving that I hated above all else. The ritual of the UNPACKING OF THE BOXES.

Before I knew it, time had flown by and it was near noon. I was tired and hungry. Ok, more hungry than tired at that minute. I took a lunch break, and then decided that if I didn’t take a nap I would die from excessive box unpacking. Google it. It’s a real disease. Well, if it’s not it should be.

As soon as my head hit the pillow on the bed in my new room, I fell asleep. The next thing I knew, I was in that half awake half asleep stage. I could feel the sunlight coming through the window by my bed and warming my face. The quietness of the moment was broken all of a sudden by the sound of a door opening somewhere in the house. I heard voices talking. Then the sound of a radio started up.

My first thought was that the teen age son of the people I had bought the house from didn’t know that I had moved in. I figured that he was having a little final party with his friends before the new owner arrived. That seemed the most logical explanation for what was happening.

I didn’t experience any fear yet, even though unknown people apparently were in my house with me. Then in less that a beat of my heart, terror gripped me. A voice spoke inside my head. “What ever you do, no matter what happens, do not open your eyes.” The sunlight that had been coming through the window was cut off. I knew that something or someone was standing over me, blocking the light from the window, looking down at me with an intensity I could feel as strong as if I had been touched.

I felt at that second that evil had just come in to pay me a little visit in my new home. I truly believed that if I opened my eyes, if I let on that I was not in a deep sleep, that I would be struck dead. But not before I would see something that would turn me mad first.

I felt the light once again upon my face. I was aware that the house was once again still. It felt peaceful.

The Evil was gone.

I opened my eyes and the room looked just as it had when I came in to lie down. I got up and ran through the house, checking to see if all the doors were locked, if anything had been disturbed. All was as it had been.

I knew though, I had not been home alone.

From Tina S.

Bob M.’s Story - My Home In Philadelphia

It happened 10+ years ago. I’m a night owl and it was about 3am and I was watching TV. I was feeling tired and I wanted to go to bed. I went downstairs to go to the bathroom, and while passing through the hallway, I heard a woman whimpering in our spare bedroom. I paused for a moment, and put my ear up to a basketball-sized hole in the adjoining wall. The whimpering was definitely coming from in there. I didn’t think much about it, because my parents were frequently arguing and in the process of divorcing. I assumed my parents probably got into an argument that night, and my mother probably decided to spend the night in the spare bedroom just so she wouldn’t have to be in the same room with my father.

I continued to the bathroom and heard the whimpering the whole time I was in there. I went back out into the hallway, paused to listen again, and then went upstairs to bed. The following day, I asked my mother who spent the night in the spare bedroom. She said no one. I told her I heard someone crying from that room last night at 3AM. She said it wasn’t either one of them. That’s when the chills went up my spine, because I realized I put my head up the the hole in the wall, and that whoever or whatever it was, could’ve grabbed me.

My mother then told me that our house was built about 10 years after the civil war ended, and that several of my family members have died in the house in the early 1900’s. And back then, they used to hold the viewing in the home of the deceased. I’ve never forgotten what my mother told me that day, and every time I passed by the spare bedroom, I kind of cringed a little.

A few years had passed, my parents were finally divorced, and the house was left to me and my brothers. Again, it was late at night and I wanted to go to bed, but had to go to the bathroom. I went downstairs to the bathroom, and while inside, I started hearing the same whimpering I heard a few years ago. I was completely petrified with fear. I didn’t know what to do. I was terrified to go back out into the hallway and pass by that room, which was now a storage room.

I spent about 2 hours trapped in the bathroom before I built up enough courage to venture out into the hallway. I opened the door and ran as fast as I could. The whole time I felt like something was right behind me. I ran into my room and bolted the door shut. Filled with fear, it took me about 10 minutes to calm down. Afterwards, I slowly opened my bedroom door and listened. I was still able to hear the whimpering.

To this day, I have no idea who or what that was. I’m not sure I want to know. There’s been a lot of hostility, hatred, and sorrow in that house, and I believe that a house can absorb emotions from its occupants, and occasionally play it back like a recorder. Our house used to be blessed once per year by our local church. But the stopped in the early 1990’s. Since then, there’s been a lot of strange occurrences in that house, witnessed by all that have lived there. I no longer live there, but my brother still does. And to this day, he still tells me about the weird things that still happen there.

From Bob M.

Mattie’s Story - The Haunted Barracks of Fort Leonard Wood Missouri

I went to basic training for the army in the summer of 2010 at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Upon arrival at my barracks, I knew it was an old, old, building - but the fact that it was haunted never really set in until a few weeks of staying there. I knew of several people that had died during basic training, 1/3 of them being suicides - one of the suicides happened in the very basement of my own Barracks! A girl had hung herself from the piping. I had several experiences with this girl. At night all of us privates had to stand guard in the dark hallways taking turns at hour long increments and I had experiences with the stairwell door opening and closing for no apparent reason, the hall suddenly going cold or a cool breeze brushing by me, not to mention a sudden overwhelming feeling of heartache and homesickness. Things would go missing from our lockers and end up in other people’s lockers - our soaps and shampoos would somehow get spilled all over the insides of our lockers - you know, the likes of that. But these things were nothing compared to the creepiest thing that happened that summer.

The topmost female floor - the floor that I was staying on with my platoon mates - was separated into two sections for two different sets of platoons. There was the long hallway with all the doors to the rooms, and then a doorway in the middle of the hallway separating the two sections that we would close after lights out.

One night, all of the females on my side of the floor were awakened by a LOUD sound coming from the other side. It was a sound of screaming, fighting, arguing; and as my roommates and I were sitting up speculating what could have been going on over there the sounds grew louder and louder… and then suddenly stopped. The next morning, all the females from my side of the hallway were talking about that god awful noise going on last night from the other side - but when we actually asked the girls from the other side, they claimed that nothing had happened. They were all asleep and sound all night, and they never heard anything at all. The hall guards said they never heard anything either. It sent shivers down my spine to think about it. but why would only one side of the hallway hear it and not the other side? Perhaps it was on MY side of the hallway that the noises were coming from, but the voices were clearly muffled by a layer of brick wall.

After that night there were no more strange noises or activities that happened. And no one ever brought up the strange loud noises coming from the other side of the floor. I still ponder it though.

From Mattie

Lisa’s Story - His Name is Bill and He Likes My Daughter

When my daughter was about 15 months old, I had to wake her from her nap in order to be somewhere on time. I went into her room and looked down into her crib. I thought to myself, “Wow, her pants look kind of funny. She must have REALLY been tossing and turning in her sleep.” (She was always a restless sleeper.) I rubbed her back to wake her up and then picked her up. Her pants fell to the floor. They were elastic waist knit pants and were the perfect size. There’s no way they should have fallen off. I then realized that her pants had never been on her - they had been laid across her like a blanket, with the waist band at her waist and each leg pulled down so they came down to her ankles. Considering the fact that she couldn’t undress herself, and the fact that she was such a restless sleeper there’s no way those pants would have stayed in place even if she HAD been able to put them on herself (she slept on her stomach at that point, which would have made it even harder for her to do this herself) I really began to wonder.

Over the next several months, more strange things happened. While napping in her crib, I heard a thud followed by her screaming. I ran into her room and she was on the floor, a good 5 feet away from her crib. She had never climbed out of the crib and even if she had, there’s no physical way she could have fallen that far away from the crib - she would have been on the floor right in front of the crib. Also, her toys would activate themselves in the middle of the night, even if they had been turned off. And they’d go off in the same order that they were lined up in her room. As she got older, she started talking to someone who wasn’t there, and staring at a certain corner of the kitchen when she was doing so. I asked her who she was talking to and she said “That man” and pointed to the corner. There was nobody there. More time went on and we’d have Christmas decorations bent/broken, I’d hear things rattling behind me when I was home alone, and I had something that was a good 18 inches away from the edge of a cabinet go crashing to the floor.  There was a bit of dust on the cabinet and there was no “trail” where it would have been pushed off.  It had to have been picked up and then dropped, or else it would have left a trail in the dust. When my daughter turned 4, she saw her dad out of the corner of her eye walking down the hallway, dressed in black and getting ready to go to a funeral. She didn’t even look up, but said “Oh. Hi Bill.” I asked her who Bill was and she said “The man that lives in the kitchen.” We don’t know anyone named Bill. 

I was a skeptic until I realized our apartment had another resident. I told “Bill” he was welcome to stay as long as he didn’t hurt anyone and he didn’t. That apartment eventually flooded and had to be torn down to the studs for repairs.  We ended up moving out. Work had already begun and as we would come after work to finish packing up, we’d hear 10x more than we ever heard before. Doors and drawers slamming, things being knocked over, lights turning on and off.  I couldn’t wait to get out of there! Even now, my daughter is about to turn 5 and she still asks when we’re going back to live with Bill at his house.

From Lisa

Pamela R.’s Story - Disembodied Shove

On a recent exploration/hunt of a hotel/college that had been built in the 1890’s and abandoned since the 1970’s, a friend and I had been in the remains for several hours and had just uncovered two subbasements. One seemed to be an usual basement for oil supply and water pumps. The other seemed to be a series of tunnels which ran under the 100 plus years old building…for what, we were unsure. As we made our way through the tunnels with only a small flashlight and losing day light quickly, it seemed as if we both became very disoriented and began to argue about the direction from which we had come. It began to get very cold. I suggested that we quickly leave. We began to try to find our way out and suddenly I felt a hand shove me in the middle of my back which made me fall into a very large hole. As I looked around for my friend, he was on the other side of the room. He had been looking for the way we came in. What I had been shoved into was some sort of vent without a cover. As I was pulled out, I felt an eerie presence and urgency to get out immediately. As I reached down to wipe my legs off. I had a large open flesh wound on my knee! My friend wrapped his socks around it to stop the bleeding. Oddly, I didn’t feel pain. Only the need to “GET OUT!” When we finally found our way out, I sat waiting for my friend to return with the car. I looked at the monstrous foreboding building and it seemed to be calling me back but, somehow laughing at me at the same time. I noticed that my watch and glasses were gone. I did not notice that in the process of getting out. I can still feel that mysterious hand in the middle of my back. I look at the scar on my knee as a reminder every day…yet the building still calls to me to come back.

From Pamela R.

Stephanie’s Story - Appalachian Mountain Ghost-Child

I was sitting by the campfire in a secluded campsite holding my three-year old little girl in my lap. It was chilly and we had on our coats. My husband was getting my son ready for bed in the camper and we were waiting our turn. My daughter asked, “Mama, who’s that little girl?” “What little girl?”, I asked. “The one in the white dress.”  ”Where?” “Behind that tree.”…I slowly turned my head with the hairs standing on the back of my neck…I saw…nothing. “I don’t see anything.” She craned her head, looked, and said, “Oh, she’s gone now.”

From Stephanie

Jessica M.’s Story - Playing Tricks!

I started working at my new job about 13 years ago. People were telling stories about things that were happening to them. I just said okay. But one day, I was vacuuming the lobby of the theater with the lights all on. The next minute I felt someone stepping on the extension cord. I lost my balance with the vacuum on my back then I felt someone pushing me so I wouldn’t fall on top of the vacuum. Then I turned around to see who was it and the light was all dim. I turn around the opposite way and there was a man with a jokes smile, pointy nose, and a cap like Dracula wears. It didn’t scare me it just was mad. The next day I went around the museum to see which person was the man I saw. It was the original owner. I was so mad I went in the theater and yelled and some more. Till this day he doesn’t bother me only others. True story now I’m a believer.

From Jessica M.