My family and I moved into a brand new house when I was 10 years old, and we still live in it today.

I have lived in the house in which I’ve had paranormal activity since I was nearly 10 years old. When I was eleven to twelve years old, I lived in the basement that my brother lived in before he moved out of the house. I was sleeping at night and dreamt that I was hit on my right leg with a rake. The pain was so intense that I woke up, but the pain didn’t disappear. I turned on my lights in my bedroom and looked at my leg. On it were three distinct scratch marks, and they were bright red against my skin. I couldn’t have scratched myself like that because for most of my life I’ve chewed my nails down so far that they bled. I also found similar scratches in my soap in the bathroom from time to time.

One late afternoon after using the bathroom and washing my hands, I opened my bathroom door. The lights were off and it was very dim except for the light from my bedroom. But there a few feet in front of me was an unnatural darkness standing before me. Its form was a man taller than myself (I’d estimate near 6’ perhaps) and I was so scared. I ran to my bedroom as fast as I could and shut my door tight.

When I was watching TV one night in my basement bedroom (which has since become a storage room) I heard my door’s knob rattling. I looked over, expecting one of my parents to come in but somehow the door was already opened a tad, but suddenly it slammed shut loudly. I was so startled and I sat there in silence. The stairs were on the other side of a small, thin storage room beneath the stairs, and I can always hear footsteps of people going up or coming down them even over my TV, but I heard absolutely nothing. No footsteps retreating upstairs, nothing.

I remember one incident having played with my keyboard in my basement, not doing anything out of the ordinary since the basement was kind of my territory during the time. I was just playing when I noticed this gold ball of light and when I turned to look at it better it made this BANG and disappeared. It sounded like something had dropped where the ball had been, but when I went to look on the floor around where the orb had been, there was nothing there.

I was dumb as a teenager and when I saw a Ouija board for sale at Barnes and Noble, I managed to get my mom to buy it for me. I only used the Ouija board a couple times, and nowadays I don’t even touch it. When I’d use the Ouija board, I’d light a candle and sit down to ask questions to any spirits in my house. When I asked “what is your name” I got ‘Joan’ in reply. I started to write down the answers I got. Then I asked “how did you die?” A jumble of letters came out; A, C, D, E, G. I tried to figure out if there were any words that could be unscrambled from the letters, and the only one I could think of was the word “caged.” The land my neighborhood is built on used swampy marsh land, so maybe she was put in a cage and left in the swamp to die?

When I moved to my upstairs bedroom, I began to notice that I heard what sounded like a small feminine hum. It doesn’t ever play out in a song or anything, but I hear “hmmmmm” and before a friend moved in, I was the only one who was ever on the top floor of the house during the day.

Once when an ex of mine and I were driving home at night, I had my lights on high in case there were deer out as we have woods circling the neighborhood where I live. When we got to one turn I usually make to get to my house in the neighborhood, we saw something on the road farther ahead of us. It looked like a pair of legs running across the road. No body, just legs that faded above the hips. They ran quick across from the woods to the houses across the road from them. Scared yet too curious, I didn’t make the turn and kept driving up towards where I’d seen the legs. When we got up there we saw nothing, even when we stopped to look outside of the windows. My ex claimed they’d seen something before as well, but neither of us knew what it was.

With that same ex, we decided to burn a bear that my previous ex had given to me. I hadn’t wanted the bear and had verbally expressed that I didn’t want it, but was given it for Valentine’s Day anyways. We burned in it my family’s metal fire pit, and then we thought it’d be funny to take pictures of it on fire. In one of the pictures, I found a face. It had a wide grin and it’s eyes were terrifying. I’ve never seen something so creepy before.

I have a queen size bed, and at the time I typically used a chair to hold my laptop on so that I can have it close but not on the bed. While I normally have videos playing to help me fall asleep and stay asleep, that night I had fallen asleep early because I was too tired to stay awake any longer. In the middle of the night, in my ear I heard a male voice say “Hey.” It was a deep voice that was definitely not my dad’s, and he was the only male in the house. I’d also felt the breath coming from whatever whispered in my ear. I shot straight up with a gasp. My heart was racing. No one was there, and I was on the edge of the bed away from the wall. I was so scared and it took my a long time to calm myself down enough to go back to sleep.

One time, during the day, a friend and I were alone in the house. I had four pets at the time, but the two cats who make the most noise were outside in the yard, and my dog was with us in the kitchen laying on the floor. The remaining cat was laying on the stairs as she often does. My friend and I were talking, and from the basement I heard a door close. Neither of my parents were home, and my brother wasn’t over visiting. I didn’t say anything until my friend and I finally left for the mall. When I asked her if she’d heard the basement door shutting, she said she had. My friend still gets anxious coming over to my house.

In my senior year of high school, one of my best friends moved in with my family and I. During the winter months of 2012, I had a job that would at the latest keep me out until 10:30. One night when I got home my friend reported that she’d heard what sounded like me crying, but there was no way she could have as I was out across town at my work. She’d looked around for me, but when she realized I was still at work, she got uneasy.

*Indicates photo included. The only editing of the photo was to censor my hands as they were making inappropriate gestures.

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