Veronica’s Story - My Aunt’s Basement

July, 2010. Malta, Montana.

My aunt’s house is interesting. I love the large green kitchen, the old stove, the old oven and the beautiful decor. The dining room is pretty with the nice wooden table. The whole upstairs is the most comfortable and welcoming place. But their basement creeps me out big time.

The Stairs:

My Aunt Anne lives in Malta Montana. Every summer my mom and I go there to visit (Sometimes my mom’s other sisters will come with us). They have a house that used to be a morgue/funeral home. Creepy, right? Yes. I think so. When you first walk in you’d never think it was a morgue/funeral home. The entire upper floor is great. You don’t feel uncomfortable at all; until you reach the stairs. The stairs and the area (about a ten foot diameter) around the door to the basement have a very creepy feel to them. You feel like you’re being watched. When I go on the steps, I must be the first one down and the first one to go up. I will never be at the back of any group on the steps. It is THE creepiest feeling in the world. I’m almost sure that the last time that I went up the stairs last in line; when I was at the top of the steps I looked back, could have swore I saw someones shadow following them in to the coca-cola room. (I’ll get to the coca-cola room later) I almost had a heart attack. There were only three of us. And there were three people on the steps.

The Coca-Cola Room:

They have a room downstairs that we call the Coke/Coca-Cola room. This is because its decor is coke themed: red and white tile, red bar & stools, and there used to be a coke light shade thing.  My cousin (Anne’s daughter) Eva, now has the coke room as her bedroom. (It used to be their youngest daughters’ playroom. Long story.) She and I were sleeping in there the first night of our trip (I protested against this, as I sooo don’t like it down there but lost). I was just on the edge of sleep when I heard a noise. It sounded like little kid bare-feet on the tile. At first I thought it might be Emma or Anna (Eva’s little sisters) but then I realized it was like midnight, and they would have been in bed already. That’s when one of the bar stools moved, screeching loudly about four inches to the right. Both of us sat bolt upright. Remember now, the bar & stools are across the room. Then her light switched on…then off…then back on. Something was different when the light came on the second time. All three of the bar stools were now scooted away from the bar right at the foot of the bed. We both scrambled up out of bed and sprinted up the steps. I’m almost positive I peed myself a little. The next night we both slept on the floor in the living room (upstairs, thank God).

An Unexplained Voice:

Day three of the trip, my Aunt Angeli arrived. With her she brought her daughter Amanda. We were all downstairs in the art room (somewhat against my will) and we were making friendship bracelets to sell at the fair. We were talking among ourselves when my mom called down the steps for Amanda. So she left me and Eva to work on our bracelets to see what my mom wanted. She came back down almost as white as a sheet as she told us that when she got upstairs, all the adults were outside. And that when she found my mom and asked what she wanted her for, my mom insisted that she had just now got back from Albertson’s. Sure enough she had a grocery bag in her hand. We all sat stunned for a minute, then, out of the blue, we heard a cat meow loudly from the hallway. The thing is, they don’t have a cat. We all ran out of the room and up the steps. Unfortunately for me, I made it to the back of the group. I looked back over my shoulder (whyyyy did I look over my shoulder?) and saw the tail of a transparent black cat sweep the edge of the door to the art room.

From Veronica

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