Visions in Vera Cruz

This photo was taken in a cave in Honduras during a mission trip in Vera Cruz, Copan. There was no light shining into the part of the cave we were in and this was taken on a basic flip phone camera. It is truly beautiful!

Spirits in Spring Villa

I visited my friend in Alabama as I live in England and we decided to go look at the super-moon from Spring Villa as it is very dark and you can see the sky a lot better.

I had my I phone on and was filming. As I was walking over to my friend I saw something blue on my screen and I didn’t know what it was so I wiped the lens and it was still there.

I turned to look at the house which has a lot of history and hauntings and it was a little boy and he disappeared. 

I have never been more frightened in my life. He is on the film and just disappears.

Apparently the history of Spring Villa children were drowned there.

Not sure I would ever go back there again.


I am a Paranormal Investigator based out of West Virginia. A few years back my team and I were invited to investigate a beautiful mansion in upstate West Virginia that is known locally for its paranormal activity. I must say, I have been doing this since I was 16 years old. I have done countless investigations over the years and never once have I been afraid of a location until this place came along.

That night we experienced everything from disembodied voices, strange lights, shadow figures, and the sounds of children laughing. As the night came to an end, I was outside snapping photos before we left and caught something pretty Interesting. No one was in the house at this time for it was undergoing renovations. We were the only ones in the building that night, and we locked the doors on the way out. You can see in the photo what looks to be an apparition standing in the window of the third floor and then it is gone in the second image which was shot seconds later. Is it paranormal? I can’t say for sure, but as of right now it’s yet to be explained.

Haunted Children

My siblings and I were raised in Lawton, Oklahoma. We’re Native Americans…or Comanche to be exact. We lived at our grandparents house, the house was built in 1925. It was a sturdy house built of rocks. Very different from the houses in our neighborhood.
As children, we noticed strange things happening in the house and outside…we started talking and telling our different experiences..
My older brother had told me about a voice late at night….the voice said…”wolf, wolf” in a scary voice…we would both see shadows on the wall of a man who was headless. He pushed me out of bed one night to touch it…so I did…I felt like a wall.
My younger brother was accosted one night while he was sleeping, something turned him over and told him that he was going to blow his head off. He was terrified. 
One night, my sister and I had a friend over to sleep. We were in one of the open bedrooms and my grandfather and uncle were playing pool in the room not very far away from us. The open room had a back door and it was open.. it had a screen door…and we were lying in bed, acting like 10 and 11 year olds. And a hand appeared at the window, that’s when all of a sudden a blood-curdling scream happened at the open screened door. We jumped up and ran to where they were playing pool and told them what had happened. Of course, being adults, they didn’t believe us, but went out to check. There was nothing.
As we got older, our grandparents built an add on where the back door used to be. It was built over the old cellar we had on the property. My sister use to sleep back there. One night she heard growling and looked out the window and saw nothing. One night she was sleeping and awoke from a thud beside her bed…then she heard something breathing next to her side of the bed. It moved down to the foot of the bed. Still breathing heavy. She was terrified. Didn’t look to see what it was.
Once, I was outside playing with my littlest sister when all of a sudden a man appeared before me…and he had no head. Couldn’t believe what I saw.
Now, I’ve always seen ghosts. Still do. But my siblings don’t. I think since they were young, they were open. 
I went back to Lawton a few years back. Took some pictures. It looked very foreboding, but they were memories…good ones.


Can you spot it?

My first spiritual experience was when my mother died. I was 14 and shortly after she came to me. I looked up at her and said, “I thought you were dead.” She said, “I am but it’s ok. Come here I want to show you something.” She was so flawless and beautiful. She was dressed in a long white silk gown with a train and the light was so bright but very soft like a milky white. The most beautiful feeling I’ve ever felt. Some friends of mine and I go ghost hunting quite regularly and we’ve gotten many pics of apparitions. Very clearly. We got one of a woman holding a child in an old historical cemetery in Houston. At first glance you can see it, there’s no guessing. We’ve gotten many more pics too. Especially in our house and backyard. My house is quite active. We were sitting in our backyard one day and a friend of mine heard a noise. She went to go investigate and found a banana bunch nicely placed in the middle of my kitchen floor. Another time I was home alone and I heard a door slowly creak open then shut. Not one of my doors creak and there was no breeze as my windows were all shut. Then another time we were in the back of my house and heard a kitchen cabinet door slam shut. No one else was here. 

Haunted in Halifax

Haunted house Littleton N.C. Halifax County: The Alston Home – A 1895 home at Mosby Ave Littleton N.C. At night we were sleeping and we would hear a noise in the house and then pictures falling off the wall. I frequently smell cigarette smoke when no one is smoking and we can hear voices on the second floor. The shadows are the most disturbing. I spent several months remodeling we have more work to do. I believed that paranormal activity can be stirred up by remodeling.


Poltergeist’s Best Friend?

About a year ago, I noticed my dog was sleeping with his head in his food bowl and took a pic of him with my phone. I didn’t look at the picture after I took it. A couple days later I was looking through the pics on my phone and noticed what looked like a ghost sitting on my dogs head. Creepy.